How to Recover Account Password

Unlike many other digital networks or platforms like Facebook, Hotmail and Yahoo, Google’s mail is a pretty safe place to be at. If you have forgotten Gmail password or your account is hacked, you can recover it quite easily if you provided enough security information to Google while you made your account registration.

First thing you will have to do is going to the Account Recovery page. There, you choose “I don’t know my password” option and type in your Gmail address. Next, click on the option “Continue”.

If you linked your Gmail account with a phone number during creating your account, then you have two easy possible options to go for, you can either ask Gmail to send you a text message with coded digits or select the “Verify your identity” option.

In case you didn’t set up any recovery information such as security questions or phone-number while you made your account registration, you can still recover your Gmail account if you have used your Gmail account recently in one of your web browsers. Try searching in your web browser history about the Inbox or and see if it shows your Gmail address link. If it does show your Gmail address, then click on it and it will take you directly into your logged-in Gmail account.

In case none of the given options work, you may still be able to recover your Gmail account by manually verifying your identity. First you need to visit the “Google Account Recovery” page, insert your email address and click on “Continue” there. There you will notice an option saying, “I don’t know”, click on it to get the password and select the “Verify your identity” option. Also, notice how it’s the smallest link among all the available options there.

Now you will be asked with a few personal questions, answer them to the best of your knowledge and if you’re able to deliver the accurate information, you’ll successfully be able to obtain Gmail account recovery.

On work, Gmail account recovery turns out easy as by simply contacting domain administrator you can reset your password and recover your account.

Every user wants his or her account to be recovered in a way that their data doesn’t get lost. Therefore, the best Google accounts recovery method will be in which the data isn’t lost. So one may ask how to ensure 100% Gmail account recovery? – For this, we suggest you to download and install a recovery app that keeps track of all your important files and other data.

Disk Drill is one of the apps that will surely suffice the need, with its brilliant free protection features it ensures all your internal and external data are stored in its backup.

Out of all the major features Disk Drill carries, it also keeps updating you about if there’s anything uncertain happening in your disk storage. In case any disk failure takes place, Disk Drill will let you know about it. It also helps you finding duplicate files, showing reliable backups and even helps you cleaning some unnecessary disk space. There are plenty other features that this app provides, but that we leave it for you to explore yourself.

Updated: June 24, 2017 — 3:02 am

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