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Gmail is a platform given by Google which is free and web based email service and provides a service to their users that they store their messages in gigabytes of space and provide the ability to search for a specific message or any specific keyword.

Create GMail Account

You can create your free www.Gmail.com account with a few minutes with your laptop, tablet, and mobile phone etc. so that you can manage or read your all emails in a single platform. If you use Gmail account so you got some more advantages from Gmail which is Google drive which is also the product of Gmail which provides you 15GB space for your all Personal messages Files or Folder or Pictures etc.

This Google service helps the user to interact with people. Gmail provides a good services to its users with its exciting new features like sharing files and messages with family, friends and other people or relatives living in the world. Creating an email with Gmail gives much access to great services like Google Analytics (for website traffic tracking), Google AdSense (for Earning by Posting Ads), Google Maps and Google Places etc. And all these services are of course free of any cost. People need to sign up for social media sites such as (Facebook) they must need to have a Gmail account as a backup or alternative account. In the past gone time, people were used to doing suffer for sending messages to their friends or loved one’s through many costly services like the post which is a yet a long process and consumes much time though.


In 2012 Google announced that gmail.com had 425 million. In May 2015, Google announced that Gmail had 900 million active users, 75% of whom were using the service on mobile devices as well as in February 2016, Google announced that Gmail had passed 1 billion active users all over the world.

GMail Sign in / Login

Head over the url https://www.gmail.com/, then Click on Login after creating an account. You will be redirected to the gmail login page where you will be having an option field where you will going to write your gmail username or EMail and then hit Enter or press the button that says “Next”. In the very next step if your GMail username or email is correct, it will now ask you for the password of that account. Enter your password there in that field (Keep in mind that: Passwords are case sensitive, you should check each and every character while entering the password and you will need to enter the same password as you chose while the Gmail sign up process).

That’s it you will be logged in to your account if the credentials you entered for the account are correct. If you are facing any issues regarding account password or recovery follow our Account Recovery guide.

4 Important services of www.Gmail.com you may not be aware of

Gmail is one of the most renowned platforms in the tech-industry. Considering Gmail’s easy-to-use features and less bugs, many users prefer using Gmail accounts over Hotmail, Yahoo mail etc.

Over the years, Gmail has been involved in modifying its features and improving them to satisfy their users. This continuous improvement in Gmail’s interface has led them to a point where Gmail is now counted as one of the most reputed tech platforms in the world.

Whether you’re on a student level or work as a professional, you probably use Gmail account for email purposes.
And out of many reasons why users prefer Gmail account over many other email services is its simple-interface and its multiple unconventional features like disappearing spam emails automatically to ease things for you etc.
Along with these facilities, Gmail also provides its users with some hidden yet important features about which most users aren’t aware of.

In this article, we talk about few of the most useful services of Gmail that can turn out quite handy for you in many situations.

Undo your accidental email from Gmail.com

There are times when you’re depressed about your boss pushing your limits and whatever, and at times like such, you want to pour your rage out and send an email about it to one of your best friends and once you do it, the next thing you realize is the email actually gets sent to a wrong person.

“Who’s that wrong person?! – YOUR BOSS!”

Don’t you wish to revisit the time just passed and undo that mistake? – You definitely do!

What GMail.com Offers

  • Previously it wasn’t possible to undo a sent email but tech platforms have always known how it is one of the most needed features for users and so Gmail has come up with it.
  • Gmail now gives you a facility to undo your accidental email and remove it once and for all. But, this is only possible when you’re using an iOS device.
  • iOS device comes up with an iOS app, allowing you to recheck your most recently sent email. It pops up a window, and gives you an opportunity to have a look on the most recent email you’ve done.
  • The popup disappears pretty quickly though, so you would have to work a bit faster on that if you want to recheck and undo that email.
  • Google is working on to bring the same feature on Android devices and PCs as well. But for now, it’s only available for iOS devices.
  • Backup Gmail account data with free external apps
  • If you’re one of the many people using Gmail account, you must be aware of the importance of keeping a track of your data stored in Gmail account.
  • Thinking about a back up of your data that circulates in your Gmail account shouldn’t be your second thought, but you should do it right away.
  • Hackers can sneak in and mess everything up and if not them, it could be multiple malware attacks too that can do infect your Gmail account’s data i.e. DDOS attacks and similar other viruses.
  • UpSafe is a simple and free Windows program that creates a virtual back up in a form of hard drive and stores your Gmail data there. Also, it automatically backs up your future Gmail activity and this is how it looks in action

How you should actually delete your Gmail login account

Flashback to 90s, what do you see? Email services like Hotmail, Yahoo and the faddish list of email services just goes on.
Things were pretty easy back then and you wouldn’t have to care much to avoid any uncertain activities circulating in your email accounts. It was perhaps because hackers weren’t too cunning and the internet was all fresh and new.
However, if you now take a look on things – you realize that wild minds are in here, everywhere – whether it’s a virtual world or a realistic one.

Gmail has registered over a billion of users in the recent few years. No wonder Gmail rivalries stay up to the top, and attempt hard to showcase Gmail’s drawbacks to reduce Gmail users.
Various hacking attempts can be made to defame Gmail, that will both infect the Gmail itself and as well as its users.

Therefore, it’s suggested that users should stay a lot careful when using Gmail accounts and if they ever come across a need of eliminating their Gmail account, don’t just simply delete it but consider these following points first:

1 – Your deleting of Google account won’t affect other Google Services

Perks of creating a Gmail account are limitless: Getting an instant access to YouTube, Google Drive, Google Docs and what not. While you decide to eliminate your account, remember that this won’t affect the other services.

The other services of Google that comes along with Gmail account will stay that way, so while you do that – won’t you like to remove the videos or other stuff uploaded by that Gmail account of yours first? Contemplating on that will only benefit you.

2 – Google Play purchases won’t be affected

Google Play is one of the major services that come along when you create a Gmail account. Google Play allows you to purchase through it and facilitate you in many ways, so while you delete your Gmail account, know that a service like this will remain intact.

3 – Consider downloading your Gmail data

In case you didn’t install any app to keep a track of your data, you’d like to download all this data so it just doesn’t fade away completely. This is one of the crucial steps you’d want to perform before deleting your account because if in future there ever strikes a need of fetching out one of those data you shared through your Gmail account, you can do it easily.

4 – Delete your account!

Finally delete you account!

Receive larger attachments on Gmail

Previously it was noted that Gmail only allowed smaller attachments, less than 50MB. But recently, an announcement has been made, where Google stated, “From 1st March 2017 onwards Gmail will permit larger attachments reaching up to 50MB.” This is a great advantage to all the Gmail users out there and it will add up to their favor in many ways.

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